Allegro GUI Un-uglification Project

version 1.0


The purpose of the Allegro GUI Un-uglification Project is to make Allegro dialogs look good. Right now it emulates GTK, Win95, QNX, Photon MicroGUI, BeOS and NeXTStep widget sets. And it has a bitmap theme allowing to create your own themes, with some example themes provided. See the README for more information.

See also: ChangeLog


Latest version 1.0 Old version 0.11

If you would like to make grabber use AGUP for its interface, download this patch (21.6k) and read the instructions at the top.


Click on a picture to view it 1:1.

Here are some screenshots of the example program.

allegro The stock Allegro theme
by Shawn "The Master" Hargreaves
gtk GTK-alike set
by Peter "tjaden" Wang
win95 Win95-alike set
by Robert "Bob" Ohannessian
photon Photon-alike set
by Eric Botcazou
beos BeOS-alike set
by Elias Pschernig
nextstep NeXTStep-alike set
by Joao Neves
ase Unfinished theme
by David A. Capello
blue Blue
Bitmap theme
by Elias Pschernig
fleur de lis Fleur de Lis
Bitmap theme
by Elias Pschernig
mud Mud
Bitmap theme
by Elias Pschernig
your theme here your name here Logo

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